In the present internet trends, Roku is absolutely prevailing as a hub for entertainment seekers. Holding a great library of channel apps and contents, users have wide choices. Broadly the channels are classified into free and paid one. Other than this, a hidden category called, private channels are also there in the Roku. These channels are hidden, because of the factor that Roku didn’t officially launch these private channels. With these private channels, one can get amusing entertainment at zero cost. This is an article on Hidden Roku Channels, which helps to you get insights about private channel activation.

As the private channels are unofficially launched one, you can’t view it directly on the Roku channel store. To avail that, follow the upcoming easy steps to instantly activate your Roku private channels.

How to activate Roku private channels

  • To begin with, you should sign in your Roku account in your streaming device
  • As said earlier, you don’t need to access the channel store for private channels
  • Thereby, go to the settings option and enter the ‘manage account’
  • Under that category, tap the ‘add channel with code’ option
  • For this step, you should know the exact channel code for your selected private channel
  • Enter that code in the field without any error, and click the add channel button to activate
  • The private channel may take varied time for activation, so wait until some time to activate

Best private channels

  • No where TV - H9DWC
  • The Internet archieve - NMJS5
  • Amateurlogic - Alogic
  • Great chefs – greatchefs
  • Ace TV – acetv

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